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Whether you need a short animation video or a full-length, our 2D animation services can help you achieve your goals. Contact us!

Best Animation Studios is the top 2D animation company in India, known for our creativity and technology expertise with over 10 years of experience. We specialize in creating high-quality 2D animation for ads, films, Nursery Rhymes, web series, Explainer videos, marketing videos and websites also. In a short time, we've become one of the leading 2D Animation Studios in India.

As the top 2D animation company, we uses top-notch technology and software like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, and Adobe Animate CC. Our team includes the amazing animation artists and strategists globally, ensuring the best quality in our videos.

Whether you're an organization trying to improve your marketing strategy, a tutor looking to engage students, or an individual with a creative vision, our team of creative animators can transform your ideas into fantastic 2D animations. We specialize in creating custom 2D animations that align with your brand.

  • 2D Animated Videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Music videos
  • Commercials
  • Video editing
  • Motion comics
  • Video post-production
  • Animated Educational Videos

We understand the importance of deadlines. Our streamlined production process makes sure that you get your animations on time and without any quality compromise. Get in touch with us right away to talk about your project, and let's start being creative together!

2D Animation Service FAQs

2D animation can be used for many things, like explainer videos, ads, educational videos, promotional videos, and even entertaining creations like cartoons and short films.

The timeline changes depending on aspects like the length and complexity of the video and what the client says. Usually, it includes coming up with concept development, scripting, storyboarding, animation production, and post-production.

The cost can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Video length and complexity: A simple explainer video will be less expensive than a full-length short animated video.

  • Animation style: More intricate styles like hand-drawn animation require more time and resources, therefore impacting the cost.
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Care India Foundation
Maternity Foundation
XSEED Education
Amberley Publishing
Out of House Publishing
Oxford University Press
Rowe Publishing
Federal IELTS Education
Brain O2
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