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A video is a visual presentation, usually a moving picture, accompanied by sound. With the advancement of Internet technology and broadband connections, many web admins include videos on their websites.

Nowadays, Internet users are less willing to read text, so video is an excellent way to get your message across. Be it a demonstration of software or testimonial, a filmed lecture or just something funny or intriguing, people enjoy watching movies.

Web Videos are filmed videos taken with a camera or screen-capture videos where the action on a computer screen is recorded.

Web Video is a live-action video over the Internet, unlike "traditional broadcast methods" like Television or Film. Web video is often delivered via a web browser, using the Adobe Flash Player or an alternative such as RealPlayer or Apple QuickTime.

  • visual presentation
  • moving picture
  • Television or Film
  • traditional broadcast methods
  • entertainment and humorous content
  • Internet users
  • broadband connections
  • screen-capture videos

The most popular web video website in the world is YouTube. However, the nature of the medium means that anyone with a connection with enough bandwidth, a domain name, and a server can offer a video for streaming or downloading.

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