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Best Animation Studios takes pride in providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions. We encourage innovation by collaborating, sharing ideas, and creating an inclusive environment that welcome diverse perspectives from all Animators.
We are always excited to add passionate and innovative talent to our team.
If you believe you can bring innovation and creativity to the table, you should contact us.
We are people who can see around corners and connect the dots in unexpected ways to break down barriers of space, time, and language.
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Experience in 2D Toon Boom Harmony Animation.
Excellent proficiency in 2D animation (digital/cut-out/traditional) is required.
An impeccable understanding of the animation principles; Staging, Character Posing, Shape & Form, Line of Action & Silhouette, Action & Reaction, Tension, Beat & Rhythm, Straights & Curves, Volume & Perspective, etc.
Paying close attention to hookups, character personalities, staging, solid drawing, and appropriate acting choices.
Creating all the main poses for your scenes at the highest quality possible will be your objective You must have a strong sense of timing, with effective time management skills and excellent character draftsmanship.
Senior 2D Animator(Toon Boom, Adobe Animate)

-Knowledge of 2D / 3D animation techniques
- Should be proficient in Adobe illustrator.
- Good communication skills for 2D Storyboard Artist | Art job profile
- Good knowledge of Concept Art, Digital Designing and Adobe illustrator.

Sketching Artist(storyboard)
Educational Videos
Strong understanding of the animation principles.
Excellent understanding of color, composition, and typography.
Familiar with design software (Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Adobe Animate, and Illustrator).
Strong understanding of global design trends and A keen eye for aesthetics and details.
Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.
junior 2D Animator (Adobe animate)
-- Should have good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing.
-- Should have excellent drawing skills and the ability to adapt to a wide range of styles.
-- Be able to take direction, and be prepared to make changes to your work in response to constructive feedback.
-- Should follow established designs and produce consistent work, drawn on model.
Animatic Artist
Excellent Drawing Skills, with an ability to draw in a variety of styles. Knowledge of visual storytelling skills and visual language.
To be able to bring characters to life! Your characters should be convincing,understand the character’s role in the script and draw it accordingly.
The job requires creating all the visual assets based on the art direction provided.
Coloring Artist (BG-Artist)
Illustration Services
We are looking for an Enthusiastic and Creative 3D Generalist who is well-versed with 3D Animation and Composition using any 3D software
( Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D ) and After Effects.
Candidate should be good in Product animation, Explainer video, Installation video and Industrial animation.
Candidate should be well versed with the following software ( After Effects and any one of 3d Software Blender / 3ds Max / Maya / Cinema 4D ).
Candidate should have knowledge of V-ray render engine.
Candidate should have knowledge of After effects and 3D Software's Plugins.
Candidate should be good at Commutation and Eager to learn new tools and technology.
Compositer (After-Effect)
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