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Managing rights and permissions is always been a complex and slow process. And with the rapid growth of new digital formats and rights standards, permissions activity has become a burden on publishers’ staff, as well as their production schedules.

Manage content rights, text permissions, and licensing with ease

  • According to the U.S. Copyright Office, "Copyright protects original and unique works of art and authorship origins, as well as logical and conceptual rights." Although copyright laws do not protect ideas, facts, systems, or methods of operation, they may protect the way these ideas are expressed.”
  • Copyright laws first came into existence in 1710 and since then have evolved to protect works by individuals and entities. While we see user rights to copyright material evolving in an increasingly digital world, the situation is getting extremely complex for publishers. Not only do they have to protect their content from unauthorized use and copyright infringement, but they also have to ensure that their work does not infringe on others’ copyright
  • Today, granting and acquiring rights and permissions for original work is both challenging and critical, yet also a vital function for publishers to monetize content and reduce losses from copyright violations.

  • As a leading provider of a wide range of rights and permissions services, Best Animation Studios covers copyright for textual content, imagery and rich media segments. Best Animation Studios leverages a unique combination of skills, as well as cost and process arbitrage to help our publishing partners negotiate R&P effortlessly.
  • Best Animation Studios rights and permissions resources have deep expertise in research, text permissions, image sourcing and licensing, stock agencies, royalty-free asset sources and clearance procedures for both print and digital content.
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