Animated Stories

Why Animated Video

By 2020, 80% of online content will be video (according to a Cisco study), so there’s no time to wait to prepare in video marketing whether you are a business owner, a marketer or a tutor.

Content is all about telling a story. Whether it’s a story about your product, your customers, or maybe even submission changes, your important goal as a content crafter is to share a message that compels, influences and convinces your audience to take action.

Benefits of Using Animated Video

  • You can bring any concept to life
  • You can strike the right tone
  • You can give context to your ideas
  • You can visually represent abstract ideas
  • You can easily manage video production
Few Popular Animated Stories
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Cried Wolf Story
फूटा घड़ा | Hindi Cartoon Video Story
Happiness - Animated short film
TRUE McDonald's Horror Story Animated
THE CHOICE (Short Animated Movie)
Amberley Publishing
XSEED Education
Out of House Publishing
Oxford University Press
Rowe Publishing
Federal IELTS Education
Brain O2
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