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21st Century has seen many developments in various sectors let it be tech sectors or Automobile sectors to animation sectors thus increasing the overall productivity, with people getting internet access digital videos gained popularity through online video sharing sites like YouTube, daily motion, vimeo where millions come to check out videos, so it doesn’t surprises if this widespread platform broaden into educational field.

Animation in Education

Animation in education are helping students today in learning everything, from e-learning videos to instructional videos, topics that were hard to teach before now became easier to understand and accessible to everyone thanks to educational videos and its ability to retain and recall. Studies have shown that students become more efficient when you show them short video clips. Today animations are being used in classrooms because people know it has the ability to make beginners understand complex topics, theories easily.

With rise in demand for learning videos , online classes educational institutions are faced with high expectations. While this seems intimidating but to have a positive experience you can contact video production company that can tailor specific needs.

Anybody could draw but drawing on a professional scale according to client needs, you will be needing lots of experience and good software to go with also 2d Animation injects more soul into their animation as they have to draw frames by frames separately as a continues process unlike 3d Animation which depends solely on software.

Personal Development

Studies states that animation videos have the capability to restore the growth of new neurons and regions of brain which are responsible for planning, memory formation, a special hunger to look for more thus boosting the growth of brain.

Animated clips make students learn faster in a fun, faster and easier way. Well-crafted animations have the advantage of being simple as well as being creative in a story-telling way and that’s how it will catch the attention of students for instance suppose we want to teach student about heart and its function, so why not make characters for atrium, ventricle, lungs thus making story around the functions, this way you can narrate story which will be interesting to learn and in a way will be unforgettable.

Anybody can make animation videos but making animated videos that will cater the needs with attractive characters and in a good story-telling way is the goal and that’s where video production company comes in picture,




Each topic will be a story to learn


Takes lots of effort, time  for animating one topic  


Students, children gets more attentive with all the animations


Needs to learn various animating software to produce basic animations


Eye catching, easy to remember and very fun to watch


Content could be plenty and available everywhere thus comes the confusion to watch which one



Online educational videos can be very interactive  where you could get to play quizzes, games with other person thus creating a platform to learn more



Won’t be possible with a slow internet connecting and might drain up the data very fast.


Only well-crafted animations will catch an eye for students, children


Slideshow of written words wont suffice  for everybody

Benefits of Animated Videos in Education

Animated videos when gets uploaded online has the tendency to be shared across the world, where students can view anytime they want let it be day or night, here educational institutions can reach for global audience and one of the major benefits of uploading videos online is students can open them anytime they want, they can keep on watching as long as it makes them understand.

Below are few benefits of Animated videos in classroom, teachers and towards institutions

  • Animated videos offers for depicting Dynamic Content
  • Teachers, educational institutions are taking this opportunity in a excited way as the content keeps on changing and its ideally suited to teaching of processes and procedures, so in one way it also saves a lot of effort on teaching part into directing a good piece of content.

  • Well Designed Animation make students learn faster and easier
  • It helps teachers also when it comes to explaining difficult subjects, usually difficulty arises either from maths or imagination. For example, take electric current, the introductory parts are tough to explain but with help on proper animations learning becomes more fun and easier to understand.

  • Animation helps in increasing the creativity levels
  • with a well-crafted animated video, it helps students understanding the concept in their own way in a clear way, it thus increases their presentation skill and the way they address to any questions related to it in future with their own understandings thus increasing creativity.

  • Retention rate is higher
  • since they can pause and play anytime they want, they can keep on looking into material until they understand fully.

  • Learning 21st century skills
  • Skills to learn in 21st century would be having good communication skills, thinking creative out of the box , having presentation skills, able to express to anyone about different topics, thus improving digital literacy.

  • Video Engagement for teachers
  • It helps teachers to engage students which in turn will help them in gaining confidence in remembering and having a particular hold on the topic.

  • Visual confirmation
  • visually making a character and revolving a story around the character with an interesting concept in an entertaining way will increase the psychological process of learning and understanding.

  • Great medium to reach students from around the world

    With the help of internet and animation, teachers will be able to teach online from any corner of the world which open opportunities for online classes.

Advantages for students

Advantages for teachers

Advantages for institutions

Engaging content

Student engagement 

Improves marketing

Learn faster and easier

Reach students around the world

Increase course offering

Increase in Creativity levels

Proper guidance who needs review and who didn’t attend

Flexible staff

Retention rate is higher

Teachers become facilitators

Opportunities for online classes

Learning 21st century skills

Flexibility to pause during lectures

Posting videos online for new for new organisations 

Visual confirmation


Training videos for teacher and staffs

Invent and explore problems

  • With enhanced videos teachers becomes facilitators now
  • Having animated videos for students, teachers now can focus more on individual students knowing their strengths and weaknesses thus changing their role to facilitators.

  • Teachers can assist in more greater way
  • Students who fail to attend the classes for some reason or who needs to review their lessons, teachers can help them in assisting

  • Improving marketing of institutions
  • Improving in getting institutions visible to large number of people with educational videos, letting more people know about institutions thus increasing the productivity.

  • Can increase course offering
  • Once you go online, having a diverse student group you can increase course offerings based on different languages, for more potential students to join in


These are some of the Advantages of having animated videos so to sum it up in general for a student, teacher or institutions all they need is an program which can arouse creativity and bring the best in them. At Best Animation Studios we provide eye catching animated educational videos that are both engaging and enjoyable at the same time. , it offers wide range of 2d animation videos with 100% customized and budget friendly features.

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