Top 10 E-Learning Apps for Kids: Combining Fun and Education

31 May 2024   |   by Radhika Dhiman   |   Video Production

It’s important to make learning engaging enough for children to keep attentive to lessons and other learning opportunities. Kids can learn via games, which are commonly referred to as educational apps these days. Kids of today often find themselves surrounded by screens and other digital devices as they grow up. Instead of opposing it why not use the growth to their advantage? Right kindergarten applications can convert child’s screen addiction into something valuable like learning.It may indeed be a challenging task to select a single app among many. The ideal e-learning apps are those which provide an enjoyable learning experience in addition to being engaging and instructive for children.

Here's a list of the top 10 e-learning apps that cleverly combine fun and education, categorized by age group:

For the Little Learners (Ages 2-5):
Consider this award-winning application a captivating playground for the young learners, offering various interactive games, animations, and sing-alongs that aid in developing basic reading and language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies’ skills.

Prepare yourself to move and groove! It is a known fact that since the app contains exercises based on both movement and mental presence, youngsters are able to enhance their social-emotional education as they enjoy the exercises. GoNoodle features a number of active games and tasks for kids in order to inspire them to stand up and walk around, thus allowing them to expend their energy and sharpen their concentration skills, among other benefits. In addition, there are activities in the app meant to impart such critical skills as collaborating with others and responding to situations from a place of understanding while involving oneself in enjoyable tests.GoNoodle incorporates movement and mindfulness activities that keep kids active and develop social-emotional learning.

BrainPOP Jr
Introduce young children to a wide range of areas using fun animated videos and interactive tests. The multiple-choice questions and colorful quizzes are designed for inquisitive learners, providing an entertaining educational experience. The solar system to body systems quizzes include bright cartoons that use colors to explain different concepts such as, kids also take part in brainpop.jpg, which has questions that require them to choose the correct answer from the four options given to them in each statement. For the teacher should use the questions given at the bottom of every page in BrainPOP Jr. BrainPOP Jr. caters to curious minds and keeps learning lighthearted. Think colorful cartoons that explain everything from the solar system to the workings of the human body. BrainPOP Jr. also includes quizzes and activities that reinforce the material, helping kids to retain what they have learned.. It is an excellent resource for young learners who are eager to explore the world around them.

For the Elementary Explorers (Ages 5-9):

Make math fun with SplashLearn’s personalized learning paths and games. It helps kids from pre-K to grade 5 learn math concepts in an exciting way, turning math into an adventure. It transforms traditional math concept into exciting challenges and rewards progress with fun games and activities. SplashLearn helps children develop a positive attitude towards the subject and build a strong foundation in math skills. The app also provides detailed progress reports, allowing parents and teachers to track each child's growth and identify areas that need additional practice.

Epic! offers a huge library of ebooks, audiobooks, and videos. It suggests content based on your child’s reading level and interests, helping to build a love for reading. The app includes a wide range of genres and subjects, ensuring that there is something for every child. Additionally, Epic! offers quizzes and activities that complement the reading material, helping to reinforce comprehension and retention. Whether your child is a reluctant reader or a bookworm, Epic! has something to spark their interest and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Prodigy turns math into a fantasy adventure where kids solve problems to complete quests. It’s like playing an RPG, but you use math to succeed! As kids progress through the game, they encounter increasingly challenging math problems that require them to apply their knowledge and think critically. The app also provides detailed feedback and reports, allowing parents and teachers to monitor progress and adjust the learning path as needed.

For the Tweens and Teens (Ages 9 and above):

Duolingo makes learning a new language fun with short lessons and interactive exercises. Kids can learn languages through matching pictures to words and completing quizzes. It offers a wide range of languages to choose from, and its lessons are designed to be engaging and effective. Kids can learn Spanish, French, German, and more through matching pictures to words, completing short quizzes, and practicing speaking and listening skills. The app's interactive approach and immediate feedback help to reinforce learning and build confidence in using a new language.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy offers a comprehensive library of free video tutorials and practice exercises across various subjects. It's a fantastic resource for both independent learning and supplementing classroom learning. It covers a wide range of topics, from history and science to math and economics, providing engaging lectures and practice problems that help students master new concepts. The app's user-friendly interface and personalized learning paths make it easy for kids to navigate and find the material they need.

TED-Ed offers animated educational videos that make complex topics interesting. It turns dry subjects into captivating stories, sparking a love for learning. The app covers a wide range of subjects, from science and technology to history and art, providing fascinating insights and explanations that keep kids intrigued. Each video is accompanied by questions and activities that encourage critical thinking and discussion, helping to deepen understanding and retention.

Education Edition: This version of Minecraft helps students learn by exploring virtual worlds and solving problems. It develops creativity and critical thinking, like building the pyramids or exploring the ocean in a digital world. Minecraft: Education Edition offers a range of lessons and activities that align with educational standards and encourage hands-on learning.


⦁ Consider your child's age, interests, and learning style when choosing an app. Look for apps that cater to their specific needs and keep them engaged.

⦁ Look for apps with a strong focus on age-appropriate content and educational value. Not all educational apps are created equal; make sure the app is designed to teach while keeping your child entertained.

⦁ Set time limits to ensure a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. Educational apps should supplement, not replace, playtime and other important activities.

With the right e-learning apps, screen time is transformed into worthwhile learning. Ten top e-learning apps here serve various age groups and learning styles, thus making learning fun and captivating. There is something for everyone starting with meant for little learners to Prodigy for maths adventures and TED-Ed that ignites curiosity. Hence, choose applications that are in line with what your child is interested in so that they can also have some breaks from screens at times.

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