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Its 21st century and the business has moved from promoting brands/products by television, radio, classified newspaper to online platforms thus making everything digital, since then video content has been growing at a brisk pace over the last few years. More than 4.5 billion video ads are being watched online each year and it keeps on increasing with each year among them videos are most likely to be shared for 1,200% than text and images all together.

However, it is not simple to produce a video that will be engaging and most importantly conveys the unique message which your brand stands for, As most of the business/services are going online you have to improve your game.

It can be hard to start with video production since it involves being updated with the recent software, concepts, editing software’s for various videos, hence working with video production agencies can help you manage your process more effectively and efficiently according to the needs.

Below I Have Mentioned Top 10 Video Production Agencies That Fit Your Requirement, But Before That Discover Few Benefits of Hiring For Your Video Work

  • High Creative Value
  • Quality content comes with years of experience in editing software, equipment’s and training of different equipment, that video production agencies already have hence you get high-quality videos in hiring the professionals.

  • Having An Outside Perspective
  • Having good communication about the creative ideas with the agencies gives room for outside perspective of your project thus getting all sorts of new perspectives to approach your creative ideas.

  • Customizable
  • Video agencies have the ability of producing customizable pieces that reflects your company’s uniqueness according to the requirements of customers.

  • Efficiency
  • Video agency will save you a lot of time and money, with using less amount of time and using resources effectively as per needs, they will work efficiently to get the best video possible.

    After knowing Your Benefits Next Would Be Knowing Your Major Aspects To Choose An Animated Video Production Companies

  • Determining a company based on its portfolio page, visit their portfolio page on their website, that will help you understand their quality of work and whether is it up to your mark and expectations.
  • Client and company Video Testimonials they have worked with, if the company has testimonial video or written testimonials, you can see the company strong points and in what way they are unique, there is no better proof than happy clients who have worked with them.
  • Pricing might differ, some might charge high pricings for MNC’s and maybe low for start-ups, but a minimum comparative searching will help you in identifying companies that give high quality at an affordable price.

Below are top 10 Companies who has the talent to produce videos in a fantastic manner:

  • Demo Duck
  • Yum Yum videos
  • Best Animation Studios
  • Explanify
  • Thinkmojo
  • ILLO
  • Toondra Studio
  • Studio pigeon
  • Kasra Design
  • Idearocket

Demo Duck

Building up beautiful and high-quality videos that makes a brand unique is the sole idea behind the team of Demo Duck. They work on major types of productions like 2d, 2d, explainers, ads for healthcare, and educational fields.

Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos are made up of various creative professionals who work closely with more than 50 creatives all around the world, Yum Yum offers a wide range of videos including explainer, whiteboard animation services, animated and motion graphics videos.

Best Animation Studios

We are an explainer video production company with a global presence from the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and India. We are a name of responsibility and satisfaction as we have the full mastery of creating stunning creative animations for our clients.

At Best Animation Studios we take all the necessary steps to produce creative training videos that look forward in bring your training videos to life. Wonder how we get our clients satisfied?

Why Choose Us?

  • Budget Friendly Video by not putting a burden on our client’s pocket, we value your money and brand quality to make sure to make videos that is budget friendly and worth your money.
  • 100% customized and original art, we work based on the requirements of customer, each of our custom artwork, illustration is done to give a professional look to your videos.
  • Videos in any language, we are flexible in creating languages based on your audiences, if your audiences don’t understand English that’s completely fine by us as we can make customised videos in any language.
  • On-Time Delivery, delivering our work at given time is our top priority, we deliver videos as quick as we can.
  • 100% customized and original art, we work based on the requirements of customer, each of our custom artwork, illustration is done to give a professional look to your videos.

  • Hence our procedures helped us in creating a global presence around the world. Including brands like OXFORD, XSEED, Westchester, Rowe publishing and many more.


They work with clients ranging from start-ups to big MNC’s companies, they simplify complex messages by using various marketing strategies, and techniques into their video. Their team involves in all aspects of production from scriptwriting and talent selection to editing and final project.


You might consider thinkmojo if you are a tech company. They have created for tech brands like Google, Slack, Twitter, and square. They usually produce very impressive visual videos that blend with tech brands.


Illo is a design studio with an aim for minimal, clear, and aesthetic storytelling. Illo videos are very distinctive, they have something in their videos which makes them stand out and easy to point out illo videos. Their art is worth checking and their videos are simple as well as delightful.

Toondra Studio

Toondra is an animation company based in Russia. They not only make animated explainer videos but also creates animation according to customer needs. They specialize in making videos, icons, characters, avatars, and animations for websites or applications.

Studio Pigeon

Studio pigeon comes next based on bird theme, their use of cartoon style for their work is pretty excellent and its what makes them stand out among others, they follow the storytelling medium among their characters. They are a team of art directors, illustrators, directors, and animators. Their service includes 3 step process, Briefing, and Brainstorming a preparation  production and final design.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design focus on 3D, a 2D animation company, and motion graphics, over 500 videos and collaborated with over 700 world-renowned brands.created among working with start-ups and corporate video space. They give their work quality more priority ensuring to give results that go beyond expectations.


If you have a complex product to market, or your company is a tech company then idea rocket is a solid option to explore. They have expertise in exploring complex ideas and simplifying them. They deliver production services that include voice casting, scriptwriting, recording design, animation, composition, final editing, and sound composing.

These are our Top Animation Video Companies that will make you stand out your brand and reach the audience with strong content and creative animations.

As per us, we are a team of illustrators and animators who works on the latest graphic tools, cutting edge technologies to create strong content with powerful visuals. We are used to the traditional approach,


There are so many choices when it comes to picking up your video production agency, as long as its valuable and quality content. Whether you work for a company, the brand video will be an important medium which you should invest in finding the Best Animation Companies that best fits under your criteria is a gem and will go a long way, there's nothing more powerful more effective than an original and engaging video. These are the top 10 animation video companies, which will give you the right platform for a successful program.

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