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Posted on April 17, 2023   |   Use of Animation    |   Radhika Dhiman
How 2D Animation cartoon Movies are made

Do you recall the most well-known animated sitcom television series, The Simpsons or The Family Guy? They have been running continuously since 1989 and 1999. But what keeps people interested in these—the story, the characters, their jokes, or the amusing animation and graphics? Well, the answer is not simple, but I can assure you that by reading this blog, you will get some answers.

Posted on May 18, 2023   |   Animation    |   Radhika Dhiman
Why training and development is important in an organization

In an ever-evolving world where the latest technology and innovations are introduced every day, an organization must stay abreast of all these changes to get the right results. If a company wants to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition, it needs its employees to be at their peak. This can be done by offering training and development programs for employees.

Posted on April 17, 2023   |   E-learning for kid   |   Radhika Dhiman
E-learning for healthcare And Social Care

Animation has grown to encompass various genres, including action, drama, comedy, and horror. As a result, animation appeals to a broad audience range. Animated films and television shows are enjoyed by children and adults who appreciate the art form's creativity and storytelling. Animation is no longer solely for children, as adult audiences have come to appreciate its storytelling capabilities. Animation can effectively communicate adult themes and cater to a more mature audience, including young adults and seniors. The success of animated films demonstrates this wider appeal a,

what is animation, its history and types
Posted on December 01, 2023   |   What is Animation   |   Radhika Dhiman
What is animation, it's history and types

Animation is the process of creating the illusion of movement by displaying a sequence of still images in rapid succession. The images may be hand-drawn, computer-generated, or a combination of both of them. The illusion of movement is formed because the human eye maintains an image for a fraction of a second after it has been seen. When a series of images are displayed quickly, the brain combines them to create the illusion of continuous movement.

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